Panda Print Party Cups (10 ct)


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Children and adult, love attractive stuff, and appealing panda print cups will provide them with all the attraction they need for their shakes and juices while they party. These panda print paper cups are not only appealing to the eye, but they also do no harm to the environment being it eco-friendly cups. Now you can have all the fun while staying green. Shimmering party cups are made of appealing panda print paper, and they can withstand 9 ounces of fluid in them.

The cups are easy to hold as they do not slip to enjoy the juicy drinks. The party panda print cups are available in a set of 12. The cups appeal, and shimmer and that is why people of all ages will love them at parties. Use these cups at your next party or get-together to bring out the appeal and also knowing you’re being green conscious.

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